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Fuck Fest @Township

July 30, 2017, in Chicago, IL
Ft: A shit ton of bands!

DZ Fest @ DZ Records

July 9, 2017, in Hickory Hills, IL
Ft: So many bands!


June 10, 2017, in Chicago, IL
Ft: Dizzy Lizzy, Gigi Deluxe, The Vixin & host Lucy Stoole

The Pioneer Tap

June 8, 2017, in Forest Park, IL
Solo show!


June 2, 2017, in Chicago, IL
Ft: Super Sonic Space Rebels, Old Grand Dad & The Living Deads

Auxiliary Arts Center

May 6, 2017, in Chicago, IL
Ft: Beastii, Doctor Death Crush & Dollar Drafts

Bric-A-Brac Records

Apr 22, 2017 in Chicago, IL
Ft: Evil Triplet, L.I.A.R., Roman Polanski's Baby & Staring Problem

The Happy Dog

Apr 15, 2017 in Cleveland, OH
Ft: Dollar Drafts, Tufted Puffins & Womanta

Emporium Arcade Bar

Feb 2, 2017 in Chicago, IL

Ft: Old Joy, The Avantist & The Peekaboos


DZ Records

Jan 28, 2017, in Hickory , IL

Ft: Nimrod, MidiJoyful & Kodakrome

The Empty Bottle

Nov 16, 2016, in Chicago,IL
Ft: Nobunny, Proud Parents & host Lucy Stoole

Burlington Bar

Oct 22, 2016, in Chicago, IL
Ft: Colossal Woman & Jesse Alexander


The Mutiny

July 17, 2016, in Chicago, IL
Ft: Zack Fowler & Grammaw!


Double Door

June 22, 2016, in Chicago, IL

Ft: DJ Adam LeBlanc, Lady Prblms, The Lady Ivory, The Vixen, Eva Styles, Joan Waters, Curlene Ribbon & host Lucy Stoole


Schubas Tavern

May 20, 2016, in Chicago, IL
Ft: Strawberry Jacuzzi & Pansy Division




Come see what all the fuss is about! Check out this spectacle at a fine musical establishment near you!


Bev's Birthday Bash &

"Honk If Yer Hungry"

Record Release Party

@ Quenchers Saloon

2401 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Friday, Aug 18, at 9pm

Ft: Bash! Bang!, Doctor Death Crush & Matty Ann